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How far will people go to find their true soulmate?

Help us and IBM Watson advance AI and change the way people meet and learn about themselves and other people. is a relationship platform that allows us to expand our science and math through a new Proof of Concept.  We want to see how our technology can be used to enhance relationships through Emotional Intelligence.

Do opposites attract?  What are the variables that make any relationship really work? Do people really want to know who they are at the deepest level? How do they think they can really use math to match to other people in relationships?  What are the real drivers for relationship happiness?  How do people see the challenge of communicating their true self when it comes to affairs of the heart? 

We want to learn more about the answers to these questions together. We are offering a free lifetime membership for Connectidy if you would like to be part of the new trends and answers regarding Relationship Science, learn more. It's free.