What is a HIPO and why are they so important?

High potential employees or HIPOs for short are those diamonds in the ruff at your company. These employees are the future leaders of your company and it is important to spend time developing them for those roles. You could risk losing them or wasting their value over the years.

How are we trying to identify HIPOs today?

In today’s current work climate, we are relying on personal judgment to define these coveted employees. While this has some merit and there are some key indicators. This method is subject to a lot of bias, there are a lot of egos clashing and other factors that can affect these decisions.

How does MeaningBot help solve this identification crisis?

MeaningBot leverages its new data set to uncover potential in employees. Combining AI with behavioral and cognitive science, we better understand and can forecast human potential, behavior, teamwork, and impact. This has allowed companies who have partnered with MeaningBot to see results of:


increase in identifying High Potential employees (HIPOs) after 1 year with MeaningBot. 


increase in notification to High Potential employees using MeaningBot’s behavioral messaging.


increase in revenue for sales executives who were flagged and used the MeaningBot Leadership analysis solution.