Our Team



Arthur founded MeaningBot Inc. in 2016 and is currently its CEO and Chief Innovation. Officer. CEO of Praescripto Inc, 2009 to 2017. Co-founded Connectidy Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Praescripto in 2015. Served as CIO of Fairway Group Holdings 2007-2014, where he was a member of the senior team that led the Company’s IPO process onto Nasdaq in 2014. Co-founded EXA Info/Sys in 2003. Founded @Thought Inc. in 2000. CIO of the Metropolitan Museum of Art from 1993 – 2000. Advisor to the University of Chicago Graham School and the Columbia University Ctr. for Technology Management.


Brenda is the Geoffrion Professor of the School of Operations Research at Cornell University. She was one of only 200 World-wide Fellows in the history of IBM. Brenda was Vice President in the IBM Research Division. She led research in Business Analytics and Mathematical Sciences and was responsible for research in computational mathematics and related fields, and the development of novel applications based on  mathematical models. Brenda has served on advisory boards for Northwestern, CMU, MIT, and UC Berkeley, and the National Science Foundation. Brenda holds more than a dozen patents and has co-authored numerous publications.


Irwin was co-Inventor of Sales Force.com as a platform with Mark Benioff where he was responsible  for the first two ~20,000 users accounts.  Irwin was also a principal technologist at Oracle Corporation. Dr. Glenn was an early employee of Netscape with Marc Andreesen and has managed the Orange County Capital Development Corporation (OCCDC). Dr. Glenn has extensive experience quantitatively evaluating algorithm performance, demonstrated via peer-reviewed journal or conference publications, or technical reports.


Oleg is a Data Science and Applied Mathematics expert within the team. Oleg is responsible for the management of all software development and product deployment. Dr. Margolin as an acclaimed leader in the areas autonomous agents and AI . Prior to becoming a principal leader at MeaningBot, Dr. Margolin worked as a senior leader at companies including, SAP, General Electric, IBM, GTE and Union Carbide.  Oleg was co-founder of GlobalIDs with Dr. Arka Mukerjee. He was also a Co-founder of EXA Infosys, a prescriptive analytics company.