MeaningBot.AI uncovers  linguistic fingerprints to better match human capital inside a company as well as for recruiting and M&A.

MeaningBot is Zero Adverse Impact, requires ZERO employee or candidate surveys and is now fully GDPR compliant for the European Union.

MeaningBot's focus is on helping those who recruit, manage and train and retain talent to focus their time, effort and expertise away from repetitive tasks and toward the things that make them difference makers in their company.

Professionals who are engaged in recruiting, developing and retaining employees and students have a massive responsibility and role.  Human capital is the most important asset we have, so why do we spend over 50% of our time on "low impact tasks"?

We remove mundane recruiting, assessment and retentions tasks with a greater degree of accuracy, and data while reducing time, cost and risk. We help professionals find "more" of the people they are looking for so they can focus on the deeper insights and manage talent in a strategic and impactful fashion.

Our work in Computational Multi-modal Personality Analysis: A fancy way to say that we work to understanding people at their truest level, making sure they feel and are "seen".

Our technology is a first of a kind approach to understanding people at an individual level while also eliminating age, gender, race and ethnic bias. Accomplished without extensive, subjective tests we then help you attract the people you want through better targeting and communications.

Formed as a result of a partnership between our parent company Praescripto and IBM Research dating back to 2007, MeaningBot has built a first of a kind solution that combines Artificial Intelligence with Behavioral and Cognitive Science to better understand and forecast human potential, behavior, talent and success. 

Our Research and Business Partners

Our technology is based on proprietary math, science and software. We also partner with the leaders in our space to enhance our offering, learn and advance the science for the betterment of our partners, clients, and applicants.

MeaningBot's Team

MeaningBot's team includes some of today's great minds, with majority of our team members having accomplished PhD status in their disciplines. This helps enhance dialogue, innovation, personal and professional growth for our entire team.

Interested in joining us? We are always looking to expand our team with great talent.


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Our Team

Our team includes some of today's great minds, with a significant number of team members having accomplished PhD status in their disciplines. This helps our entire team learn, develop, and stretch professionally.

Interested in joining us? We are hiring.


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Arthur Tisi


Arthur has an academic background in electrical engineering, computer science and marketing.

Among Arthur’s critical responsibilities is the focus on how people want to use products, services, or solutions that solve real world business problems and avoid seeing Artificial Intelligence as simply a shiny object.

Prior to joining the Meaning Bot team, Arthur founded three successful technology companies. He also weathered and grew from the failure of a company he co-founded. He has extensive experience as a CEO, CTO, CMO and CIO and was part of the executive team that took a NASDAQ company public in 2014.



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Dr. Brenda Dietrich

Dr.Dietrich actively advises Meaning Bot on strategy, math, science and operations. She is an IBM Fellow (one of only 199 since IBM's founding),. She leads IBM’s research activities in Business Analytics and Mathematical Sciences, and supports software products and consulting in these areas. She is responsible for both basic research in computational mathematics and the development of business applications based on the application of mathematical models within industry. She has been the president of INFORMS, the worlds largest professional society for Research and Management Sciences. She has served on university advisory boards for Northwestern, CMU, MIT, and UC Berkeley, and on advisory boards for the National Science Foundation.  She holds more than 13 US Patents with an additional 20 Patents pending. 

Here you can find a link that gives some context around Brenda's role as a leader from the inception of IBM Watson. 


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Dr. Irwin Glenn

Dr. Irwin Glenn is a senior strategist with Meaning Bot. Prior to joining Meaning Bot Irwin was Co-Inventor of as a platform where he brought in the first two ~20,000 users accounts.  Irwin was also a principal technologist at Oracle when Big Data was in its infancy. Irwin was also an early employee of Netscape. Irwin also managed the Orange County Capital Development Corporation (OCCDC).

Dr. Glenn has extensive experience quantitatively evaluating algorithm performance, demonstrated via peer-reviewed journal or conference publications, or technical reports.

Irwin has his PhD in Identity Science and Philosophy from Marist College.


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